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GIZ, assigned by GFA

East Timor


Employment Promotion for Young People in Timor Leste

Some 70 per cent of the population lives in poverty. Wealth and employment opportunities are very unevenly distributed, particularly between the capital city and rural regions. Although the public sector is an important employer with many workers, there are generally not enough jobs in the country. Due to that, the population struggles to find employment. Because of that, the project promotes a joint self-employment of youths, giving perspectives for creation of cooperatives for young students and alumni from agricultural schools. Consequently, it supports new ways of employment promotion and strengthens the development potential, as well the social stability in involved village communities. Non-violent conflict solving hereby is an important objective. The projects´ main objective is: “Alumni of agricultural vocational schools achieve sustainable income in promotion in production groups and cooperatives and are increasingly active in social and economic life in rural areas”. The project is part of a regional focus on rural development with particular focus on young people and especially the involvement of young women for employment promotion for Youth in Timor Leste.

   To support the projects´ objective CI fulfils services as follows: training of business counsellors / preparation / development of curriculum and counselling manual / field test and Training of Trainers (ToT) for rural businesses. This includes practice-oriented agricultural education in cooperation with vocational schools and the other two ministries involved, i.e. Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MAF) and of Education (ME) / establishment of an advisory architecture at decentralised level to support production groups and cooperatives in cooperation with decentralised specialised staff of MAF, ME, Ministry of Education (MED) and schools / promotion and start-up aid for youth groups / transfer, review and knowledge management on national level / support for conflict-sensitive conduct (in schools and production groups).

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