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Green Economy

The Training Course on Green Economy provides executive staff of GIZ and policy advisers with cutting edge academic expertise and hands-on practical experience in supporting transformation processes towards a Green Economy in the partner countries of the German Development Cooperation. During the course sessions, the benefits and challenges of Green Economy concepts and measures are discussed. The course focuses on policy strategies, concepts and advisory approaches in the field of: Green Economy Policies / Green Private Sector / Green Skills for Green Jobs / Green Finance / Sustainable Industrial Areas / Green Education and Sustainable Consumption.

As a Facilitator of the course sessions and site visits for the Training Course on Green Economy, CEFE International ensures high level of participation and interaction between the participants and enhances their learning process through appropriate methodological facilitation measures. This includes design of the course agenda / coordination with speakers and participants / moderation of thematic sessions and site visits / organization and supervision of group works/ arranging evaluation and feedback processes, including giving feedback / stimulation of participants through interactive discussion tools.

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