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GIZ / in cooperation with Fraunhofer


08/2014 – 11/2014

Entrepreneurship promotion and support to innovation (PAEI)

Since 2008 the Project supports Tunisian state institutions in developing innovation management services for small and middle-sized enterprises in Tunisia. The PAEI project aims at establishing and reinforcing the Tunisian expertise, in particular the public and private support structures, for the promotion of innovation in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Although the public and private institutions for promotion of Innovation have the necessary capacity to offer innovation services to the Tunisian SMEs by now, they are confronted with several challenges inter alia lack of knowledge about stakeholders of the innovation market, claiming of innovation management services, not demand oriented and lack of communication. Therefore defining the appropriate innovation services, which correspond to the demands of the Tunisian enterprises, and in developing marketing and communication strategy for the offered services is needed.


To fulfill the task: “Development of a marketing concept for innovation management services of the GIZ funded project PAEI “, CI provides services as follows: conduction of a fact finding mission in Tunisia with the objective to gather information about the SME-market/ to set up an inventory of innovation services/ to assess trainings relating to innovation services in Tunisia. This includes furthermore a concept clarification with the following objectives: needs assessment of adjustment of the innovation instruments and development program / developing of a training program about business planning, marketing, pricing and financial planning and development of a detailed activity plan.

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