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05/2012; 11-12/2012; 03/2013

Promotion of basic and technical education and vocational training in Mozambique – Entrepreneurial Competence Training

Poor quality and the relevance of missing basic and vocational training are an essential obstacle to development for Mozambique. The impetus for the introduction of green activities in Mozambique can be attributed to the country’s government when they passed the 2006 TVET system reform bill, which has since been implemented. Within the framework of this reform bill, TVET should be adapted to the demands and needs of the production sector. According to this, graduates should have training skills, which meet labour market requirements. Therefore, since 2011 capacity building in renewable energies/photovoltaics is promoted. The Promotion of fundamental and vocational education and training in renewable energies is divided into two parts. A Training for employees and consultants, working in the sector ‘renewable energy and sustainable use of energy’ will be conducted (10 weeks). After that, a 2 weeks training of trainers (ToT) in Entrepreneurship and Management will be conducted in a joint cooperation with ESSOR.

To support the projects´objective CI provides services as follows: Entrepreneurial competence training for different stakeholders, including Trainer qualification in entrepreneurial competence for 7 organizations of the private and public sector / further Training of Trainers and coaching for NGOs in the CEFE methodology, including the supervision of Mozambican trainers to Master ToT trainers in Brazil.

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