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Creation and strengthening of capacities in the transport industry

As a consequence of 14 years of civil war and a lack of maintenance and construction activities, Liberia’s transport infrastructure has been severely damaged, and only one third of the country’s major streets are paved with asphalt. As a result, large portions of the country are inaccessible especially during rainy season, which limits economic development. An improved transportation network could therefore also contribute to poverty reduction. The Liberian Government has begun to award road construction contracts to the private sector. In addition, sectorial reforms are planned, including the establishment of a Road Authority and a Road Fund to support infrastructural activities. The planning capacities within the public sector and the services provided by Liberian construction companies remain insufficient. Above all, the country lacks a modern legal framework, trained workers and the organizational structure needed to efficiently develop the transportation and road sector. Regular road maintenance is planned, but the necessary financial resources are not always available. Due to that, the project´s overall objective is to improve the legal, institutional and HR capacities in the transport sector.

To support the projects´ objective CI strengthens participants’ competences in the areas of entrepreneurial behavior, negotiation techniques and network building in a CEFE Training on Business Competence Training. This includes the conduction of seminar with focus on: training on innovation/ basics of business administration/ elaboration of business plans/ negotiation skills/ self-confidence/ networking and marketing strategies. Therefore, CI plans and conducts the training and provides background information, handouts, training material/ selects the participants/ presents a final report including recommendations for further action. This services aims at fulfilling the projects´objective through Human Capacity Development.

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