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Costa Rica

02/2014 – 04/2014

Cooperation platform Latin America North (COPLAN)

COPLAN is a platform where German and Latin American private sector organizations collaborate with the German Development Cooperation to promote the use of German environmental and climate technologies, including renewable energy and energy efficiency in Mexico and Central America. An important prerequisite is that companies are able to sustainably increase the productivity and profitability and to mobilize the potential for innovation in the transition towards a green economy. This requires systemic management skills, which are often not sufficiently present and superimposed by isolated cost reduction thinking. To contribute to capacity development in the private sector, GIZ has developed different methods like PREMA, CEFE and TOC, being available for international cooperation. A sensible combination of their specific strengths and a stronger involvement of the networks behind these methods can be an important contribution to capacity development in SMEs, which contributes to a significantly more efficient use of the available resources.

To contribute to the development of its strategy of capacity development, an innovation workshop with partner organizations and selected experts will be held by CI. This aims to bundle available competencies and networks within the region to develop proposals on how they can be strengthened and used for a better value for COPLAN. CI assistsĀ  in the drafting of a basic concept for the use of synergies between the methododological approaches PREMA, CEFE and TOC and the respective networks/ participation in the detailed planning of the methodological approach at the Workshop/ presentation of core elements of CEFE and the CEFE network.

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