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International Organization for Migration (IOM)


07/ – 08/2015

CEFE ToT & Supervision of Master Trainers

Capacity building is a key aspect of the IOM Mission in Iraq, as it enhances the ability of an individual or organization to evaluate and address crucial questions related to policy choices and modes of implementation among development options. IOM Iraq’s ‘Integrated Capacity Building Program’ (ICBP) merges a variety of capacity building activities in the Mission, and coordinates directly with the Government of Iraq (GoI) in order to improve its self-sufficiency and strengthen its ability to assist migrants such as IDPs and returnees. This in turn is intended to build the government’s organizational foundations and ensure continuity of programs beyond the immediate presence of IOM. Due to that, CEFE International conducts a Training of Trainers (ToT) for future BDS for host communities, Internally Displaced Persons and refugees followed by the supervision of Master Trainers.

To support the projects´ objective CEFE International provides services as follows: preparation and conduction of a complete ToT / supervision of Master Trainers/ intensive feedback sessions/ evaluation of Master Trainers. This includes the conduction of a CEFE Supervision of Master Trainers of IOM staff (8 days), specifically covering the following topics: Coaching of Master Trainer candidates during their preparation and the first six days of ToT conduction / intensive feedback session after each training days / preparation of ToT programs based on international standards / evaluation of Master Trainer candidates under the international standards of evaluation process of Master Trainers / support IOM in selecting Master Trainer candidates. The supervisions´objective is to start process of Master Trainer certification which includes: enable candidates to conduct a ToT by themselves / introduce them into course management / strengthen teaching of CEFE competence to others.

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