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10/2006; 05/2007; 04/2010; 07/2012; 10/2012

ORF – CEFE; CEFE introduction and dissemination in the Balkans – sum-up of 8 years short term assignments

CEFE has been introduced to the Balkans since 2003. Since then, a dynamic regional market for CEFE-based trainings has been developed. After successful Trainings of CEFE trainers and advisors in 5 Balkan countries, licensed CEFE trainers have established and organized themselves within national associations in all countries of the region. Consequently, capacity development and follow-up trainings with CEFE Trainers have been conducted through CI to strengthen the productivity and the institutionalization of CEFE within the region. During this time, annual conferences for the large number of CEFE Trainers in the regions were organized by different projects in e.g. Kosovo 2005, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2006, Montenegro 2007, Macedonia 2008, Serbia 2010.

The projects objective is cooperation of regional CEFE associations and trainers/consultants resulting in increased exports of business development services in the Western Balkans and third markets. This will contribute to sustainability and outreach of national project activities at international level. This includes services as follows: development of > 10 additional specific modules (e.g. start-up, selling, marketing, financial management, project management, business analysis) / counseling the formation of 5 national associations and a regional federation / preparation and conduction of 5 regional conferences / gradual assignment of regional consultants for delivers, now fully independent and sustainable. Since then, ca. 20 CEFE-Trainings programs have been harmonized and standardized by national associations and translated into local languages/ a joint internet platform of national CEFE associations offers CEFE Training products and trainers.

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