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Migration and Development

The aim of the Sector Project on Migration and Development is to devise strategies and instruments to strengthen the positive development policy impacts of migration while reducing its risks. It focuses on the three areas of migration policy, cooperation with migrants living in the diaspora (concerning their collective and private sector engagement in their countries of origin), and remittances. A study showed the multiple impacts of migration on sustainable economic development, including recommendations on how to promote its positive effects and minimise the negative ones. These approaches about how one can foster the private sector activities of migrants in their countries of origin, namely start-ups, investments and trade, need to be further elaborated and a number of concrete instruments need to be developed. They allow technical cooperation programme managers and staff to determine suitable interventions of their specific requirements to use the potentials of migration in the framework of the programme. Therefore, a toolbox on how to promote the private sector activities of migrants in their countries of origin is developed. The toolbox focuses on the aspects of business creation, investment and trade.

        To support the projects´ objective CI fulfils tasks as follows: Development of a toolbox on the promotion of migrants` private sector activities including a needs assessment study and 15 new instruments. It provides specific knowledge, information, concepts and tools with the objective to support cooperation programs in effectively integrating migration into their result chain and activity lines. Further, the toolbox accumulates, generalizes and provides specific knowhow about chances, approaches and good practice in using migration for economic development. This can facilitate complementary initiatives in the framework of existing projects, for example: support to improvement of investment climate / small and medium enterprise strategies and promotion / private sector development initiatives / cluster and value chain strengthening / business development services and market for the poor (M4P) approaches / trade, export and technology transfer promotion / facilitation of access to finance.

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