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“Africa Start Up”

The “Africa start-up” initiative is based on a joint proposal of the Africa Association (AV) and the Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb). The overall objective is to convey sustainable economic development in selected countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. To strengthen the structure of (M)SMEs on site, to transfer know-how from Germany and to initiate collaborations between German and African companies, entrepreneurship shall become favored in Africa by using one comprehensive qualification program. New business ideas should be supported in a way start-ups will be created which generate new jobs and sustainable growth in the long term. At the same time, knowledge transfer and the establishment of collaborations with the German economy should be supported. The initiative is becoming piloted in the countries of Kenya and Nigeria.


To support the project’s objective, CI conducts a baseline and feasibility study and concept development for “Africa Start Up”. The baseline study showed the current situation of existing programs (including events and stakeholder map) for business creations and B2B promotion between European and African countries. Furthermore, it encompasses the requirements of MSMEs for the selected countries (Kenya and Nigeria) when creating a business. The expert team presented a concept for the promotion of business creation, especially start-ups and for possible B2B or other match making cooperation between European and African institutions, especially the German economy and African start ups. The study also included the elaboration of different types of B2B possibilities.

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