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Europe – Africa


B2B Business Matchmaking

The European Union Energy Initiative – Partnership Dialogue Facility (EUEI PDF) is an instrument to support energy policy and strategy development at national as well as regional levels. It  realizes thematic studies on key energy issues and facilitates knowledge sharing and cooperation through dialogue events and network building. Under EUEI PDF, the Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) was initiated. One of its core objectives is to develop renewable energy markets and thereby to increase energy access in Africa. In this framework, matchmaking events are executed to facilitate increased joint business development and access to financiers for European and African private renewable energy project developers. The aim is to provide a platform for participants to meet potential business partners and financiers and to potentially engage in joint project/ business development. The online platform – which is also accessible as a Mobile App – captures the profile of each participant and offers an easily accessible way for participants to screen all available profiles and to request corresponding meetings.

In a consortium with the partnering agency Conoscope, CI took over the organisation, implementation and documentation of up to 19 matchmaking sessions in the framework of RECP. Contracted by the GIZ, CI has already successfully conducted the first half-day B2B matchmaking event in Brussels at the End of 2016 between African and European countries. In total, we were able to arrange 64 matches from 21 different countries. CI with its partner Conoscope will continue to organize such events in 2017. The next upcoming events in Graz (Austria) and Lisbon (Portugal) are already in preparation. In order to ensure sound monitoring and constant improvement, two evaluations are conducted: one right after the event, where participants are asked for their opinion regarding organization, realization and relevance of the B2Bs, and one eight weeks after the event to provide information not only on participants’ satisfaction regarding the event itself but, more important, regarding effectiveness and outcome of the bilateral meetings.


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