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CEFE International is a social enterprise – having its mission in supporting people by empowering their economic power. The CEFE method is an integral part of our work, but not only! We work together with different stakeholders, far beyond the classical CEFE training.

We are always open for new fresh minded people, who want to become part of our team!


CEFE International is looking for independent and highly motivated experts, who are looking for more than just short-term contracts.

Our associates are welcomed in our team:

  • to share ideas
  • to receive supervision in different field of expertise, specifically project management and private sector development
  • to have backstopping support by assistant
  • to use the office facilities, including a platform for tender and expert search
  • to find their projects under the umbrella of our organisation

We offer:

  • The umbrella of a global network of business advisors – link to 40 countries
  • Supervision by an experienced management team in private sector development, acquisition, networking, project management
  • Connection to leading consulting companies in Germany and abroad
  • References specifically in the field of private sector development

We expect from our associates:

  • Proactive search for projects which fit into their and CEFE International’s profile
  • Craziness and innovativeness to develop new ideas and approach new areas of working
  • Interest in working in economic development

Our approach of work:

  • We want to support people in our partner countries
  • We work because it makes fun and it gives meaning to our live
  • We take care of each other
  • We work because we love it, but we do have a private life – everybody is responsible for his own work life balance

The network of associates is a quite new concept for our management team. From previous experience we have learned that it is important to have a physical presence in the office and to give enough room for exchanging ideas and experience. Part of our working style is an extreme work flexibility – you work whenever you want.

We have established a business model for our associates, where you earn based on the projects you bring in. We want to provide you with the facility, links, supervision and references which can turn your work into something meaningful and which can be combined with your life style.


CEFE International is constantly looking for suitable short-term and long-term experts in different fields of development cooperation.
We rely on a comprehensive consultant database which facilitates the search of eligible experts.

We are constantly looking for interns in the field of marketing, evaluation of our trainings and development of trainings. Furthermore, we are happy to receive applications from students who would like to write their bachelor’s and master’s thesis with us. We are awaiting your initiative application to

Wir sind konstant auf der Suche nach Praktikanten im Bereich von Marketing, Evaluierung unserer Trainings und Entwicklung von Trainings. Des Weiteren freuen wir uns auf Bewerbungen von Studenten, die gerne ihre Bachelor- und Masterarbeit bei uns schreiben wollen. Schicke deine Initiativbewerbung an

If you wish to be listed in our database, submit your CV using the EU CV Template to
We assure the confidentiality of your data. Any transfer of your personal data to third parties will not be made without your prior consent.

Job opportunities


Project Title


Project Period


Tâches de l’expert international:

Exigences minimum de qualification et d’expérience professionnelle de l’expert international

Long-term Expert Pool

Promotion de l’emploi et insertion professionnelle au Niger

Private Sector

La mission sera établie pour une période maximale de 26 mois à compter de la signature du contrat. Le contrat prend fin au plus tard le 31.12.2020.


  • Responsabilité thématique de l’ensemble du projet et responsabilité globale de la réussite du projet
  • Gestion des experts en mission de longue et courte durée
  • Responsabilité de la mise en place et mise en oeuvre du système monitoring
  • Responsable pour la transparence vers le partenaire et la présentation des résultats au Comité de Suivi
  • Procédure d’information conformément à l’accord passé avec le responsable du marché
  • Responsabilité de la coopération avec les champs d’actions, et selon l’accord passé et les besoins
  • Responsabilité du contrôle de l’utilisation des fonds et de la programmation financière en accord avec le responsable du projet « ProEMPLOI »
  • Qualification Maîtrise en économie, politique ou sciences sociales
  • Promotion de l’emploi, en particulier les PME
  • Expérience en gestion
  • Capacité à travailler en équipe
  • Expérience avec les pays francophone
  •  Maîtrise excellente de français orale et écrit obligatoire
  •  Maîtrise de l’allemand est un atout.
  • Au moins 10 ans d’expérience dans la promotion du secteur privé et de conseil stratégique et opérationnel aux entreprises
  • Des expériences acquises dans le conseil aux fondateurs d’entreprises
  • Connaissances dans le domaine du développement des curricula/ cursus de formation dans le domaine de la promotion des entreprises sont des atouts
  • Expériences en gestion et coordination de projet
  • Solides aptitudes conceptuelles
  • Connaissance du modèle de gestion « Capacity Works » est un atout

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