Entrepreneurship is considered an important strategy to boost the economies of nations, since it not only generates profits for the entrepreneur but also contributes to the generation of jobs and encourages creativity and innovation. The creation of small and medium-sized enterprises help to reduce poverty and extreme poverty indicators in low and medium income countries. However, nowadays, the spread of the new Coronavirus is creating challenges in different sectors and the business sector is no exception, being SMEs one of the business segments most affected by this pandemic.

Social distancing, as a measure to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, is generating impacts in SMEs associated with the reduction of production, difficulty in accessing resources, reduction or lack of workforce, difficulty access to financing and consequently there is a drastic impact on their cash flows. SMEs must be prepared to take action in order to survive the current crisis and make their businesses sustainable and profitable.

CEFE International, in over 30 years of experience, has contributed significantly in the promotion of entrepreneurial competence and better performance of businesses and organizations; while, promoted job creation, income generation and, therefore, sustainable economic development in more than 140 countries. CEFE, since 1984, has helped in the creation of 6 million of start-ups, has contributed in the creation of indirect jobs by creating more than 18 million additional jobs per start-up, impacting on reducing the unemployment rate by 31.8%.

In the current crisis situation, CEFE reaffirms, once again, its commitment to continue working hand in hand with entrepreneurs to provide them the tools, solutions and personalized support they need to respond quickly, innovatively and effectively to the challenges SMEs are facing.

In times of ¨lock-down¨, digitization has taken on a relevant role. Many established and consolidated business models have turnaround radically and have started to offer their services online, using a variety of tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Digitization is an important ally that help entrepreneurs to take advantage of new opportunities. For this reason, CEFE considers that it´s key factor to support entrepreneurs to improve their abilities to operate online, thus entrepreneurs will have the ability to reach new clients and markets, retain their existing clients, maintain contact with suppliers and employees, and overcome current difficulties.

CEFE Digital Together, is a set of fascinating online tools that aim to help start-ups and micro / small businesses to survive the corona crisis. We offer an extensive range of innovative technologies and sustainable solutions, like: Individual business coaching, tailor made distance training, Customized B2B meetings, online excursions, business coaches, personal training, matchmaking online, and much more!

In times where mobility and physical cooperation are severely restricted, it is a good opportunity to break new ground in distance, continue learning and broaden our business market.

Our digital tools not just aim to provide e-learning courses to the entrepreneurs but also to give them a personalized coaching, mentoring and empowerment that they need in order to establish new and strong connections with new and unknown markets.

Which are the advantages of our digital tools?:

For learners: define own pace, time and place, access to new competence anywhere and exchange beyond borders.
For projects and providers: versatile application, higher outreach and reduced costs.
For the planet: reduced footprint, more equal access and increased exchange.

Would you like to know more about our Digital tools? Take a look in our webpage: https://cefe.net/dito/



¨Companies that become competent and move quickly in these areas during the crisis will have a strategic advantage over their competitors in the post-pandemic economy.¨


picture source: Gerd Altmann

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