Fit for Germany Program:


Poverty and underdevelopment remain widespread and visible everywhere. Ghana is ranked 140 out of 186 countries on the Human Development Index. Youth unemployment is a serious problem, especially in rural areas.

Faced with this need, as part of the North Rhine-Westphalia association in Ghana, GIZ launched a project, which aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of up to 20 selected companies in Ghana to give them access to international markets.

For this purpose, two qualification measures are to take place within the scope of the project in Ghana and Germany in cooperation with German training institutions for export / import promotion, which enable the representatives of the companies to market their products on the German / European market in accordance with the existing standards, regulations and Offering and marketing customer quality requirements.

In addition, a measure to initiate business relationships between Ghanaian and German companies is planned for 2020, which is intended to support the representatives of Ghanaian companies in offering their products and services in Germany / North Rhine-Westphalia.

As part of the presented GIZ project, CEFE International is carrying out the design and implementation of the project that will allow representatives of up to 20 selected Ghanaian companies to:

  • Sell their products in Germany.
  • Offer and market the European market in accordance with existing customer standards, regulations and quality requirements.

Now a days, CEFE is developing:

  • A training course called “Fit for Germany”, which familiarizes representatives of Ghanaian companies with the essential regulations and other relevant requirements for the export of their projects before their first trip to Germany.
  • Organization of B2B meetings, during which representatives of Ghanaian companies are empowered to export their products to Germany / Europe and market them there. The training will include personalized training and a B2B matchmaking event with representatives of German companies.

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