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Distance learning provides many advantages:

  • For learners: define own pace, time and place + access to new competence anywhere + exchange beyond borders
  • For projects and providers: versatile application + higher outreach + reduced costs
  • For the planet: reduced footprint + more equal access + increased exchange
  • Yet there are disadvantages: rather theory than practice + absenteeism of learners + low level of current adult learning principles + high initial development costs

In times where mobility and physical cooperation are severely restricted, it is a good opportunity to break new ground in distance and online learning.

CEFE International is working on such tools since quite some time and now looks for partnerships or projects that are interested in using them and accelerating the development. The aim is to make the step from invention to innovation and to roll it out effectively.

Be invited to look at the DiTo tools to be developed:

Matchmaking online – targeted and structured B2B meetings, up to 750 participants

Objective: initiate business cooperation with real outcome
Features: profiles, filter function, confirmed meetings, personal agenda, monitoring
Status: under development, ready May 20.
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CELO – CEFE Experiential Online Learning

Objective: true interactive business games as simulation for in depth learning
Features: repertoire of 10 key learning topics for starting and growing a business
Status: ideas for sessions and setup exist; partner/funding searched for programming.
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Fight Corona – Business adaptation in times of corona restrictions – up to 12 participants or individual coaching

Objective: help start-ups and micro/small business survive the corona crisis
Features: moderated groups of businesses, problem-solution fit, minimum viable product, problem-challenge-opportunity; individual coaching
Status: idea stage, tools available; project searched for preparation of version 1.0, field testing and rollout

CEFE Busy-App – key business tools in a virtual nutshell

Objective: mobile memory to apply lessons learnt for improved business performance
Features: key business tools with practical examples showing all steps of business planning and management; soundly visualized; videos
Status: content at hand; early stage for transformation into an App; partner/project searched for App programming, visualization.
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RACI – Rapid Appraisal Corona Impact
in cooperation with SEC

Objective: quick access to empiric information about impact of Corona restrictions for SMEs – basis for increased resilience and appropriate ‘back to normal’ strategies
Features: rapid appraisal of the present challenges for selected target groups or regions caused by Corona now and towards the end of restrictions; designed to identify suitable immediate support measures
Status: tool developed and tested at present in Palestine; partners/programmes searched for roll out. Read more

Innovation Summit
in cooperation with InnovationLabs

Objective: exchange of best practice multiplies innovative business practice
Features: the Innovation Summit Platform offers a wide range of short videoclips in which experienced businesspeople show their way of introducing innovation in their business / organisation.
Status: idea and format clear; partner/programme searched for App programming.
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Online Delegations 

Objective: business delegations generate transactions, diversify sources and markets, enhance competitiveness
Features: the range of experiences gained during a business delegation is implemented online with virtual visits to enterprises to see best practice, customised B2B meeting, guest speakers, individual tutoring, webinar sessions and material for self-study
Status: wide range of German enterprises ready to open doors; relevant topics covered by pool of specialists; partner/programme searched to start a practical test. Read more

Web conference – 30-1.500 people in one global room

Objective: presenting and discussing a topic online like in a real conference
Features: panel discussions, presentations, moderated focus groups, Q&A and more
Status: under development, ready May 2020.
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CEFin –Complete business plan calculations made easy and professional for everyone – up to 15 participants

Objective: eliminate the obstacle of complex calculations, increasing start-ups and growth
Features: covers market and sales forecast, investment needed, financing plan, working capital, depreciation, cost calculation, profit & loss, cash flow; mix of webinar and homework
Status: Excel tool and model cases ready; App for internet-based platform must be programmed, tested and finished (partner wanted); ready to go within 2 months.
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CEFE Moby-Train – 1.000 pages in a pocket to boost facilitation

Objective: Conversion of the comprehensive CEFE trainer manual into a mobile App
Features: theory and method of best practice adult learning, model training agendas, 30 key CEFE learning units, 40 energisers, search function, exercise selection tool; soundly visualised; videos
Status: partner/project searched for App programming, adaptation and visualisation of learning units.
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CEFE Train Yourself – Learning at distance where internet is no option

Objective: mobile phone App targeting start-ups and micro businesses with no hardware or internet to learn how to go business
Features: the key areas of starting and running a business; simple language, practical examples, highly visualized, video clips, search function
Status: content at hand; early stage for transformation into an App; partner/project searched for App programming, visualization.
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Value Creation Framework
in cooperation with Platform3L

Objective: enhance creativity, innovativeness and understanding of value proposition among businesspeople, also in times of crisis
Features: every day (or week) the tool provides an impulse for businesspeople, funny, unconventional, inspiring. Different formats increase attention and interest among users, who can also upload own impulses
Status: idea and format clear; network to be mobilised for impulses; partner/programme searched for App programming.
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in cooperation with Platform3L

Objective: increase knowledge of users on basic business topics in a fascinating format
Features: knowledge areas can be chosen from entrepreneurship up to finance; correct answers gain points; solution function explains the topic in a smart and easy way; can be applied in a challenge between various participants
Status: idea and format clear; partner/programme searched for App programming.
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Micro Business Angel Impact Investment

Objective: Small businesses will be able to grow and expand their markets.  Solution for innovations also under conditions of economic crisis.
Features: Space for regular P2P online matchmaking events, Direct video communication, A portfolio of profiles of business coaches worldwide, and much more. Read more