Ada Përmeti
AR Consulting Ltd

On autumn 2018, after almost 20 years of working experience in SME banking and business analyses, I decided to do something on my own, to work as freelance business consultant. Meanwhile, I got in contact with IDEA Albania and the CEFE training methodology. I applied and joined the ToT in Tirana, Albania in November 2018. It was a great experience and amazing methodology to facilitate start-ups in consolidating their business idea and to become better entrepreneurs.

Ones I received my CEFE trainer license, I conducted several trainings together with my colleagues in different cities of Albania. Together with other trainers, we conducted 100 hours of training – Trained 400 participants on supporting to become their business dreams become true.

During my way on converting into a CEFE licensed trainer, I met another person also looking forward to turn into a CEFista. Ropi had several years of working experience with businesses as a consultant and trainer. Moreover, he had conducted more than 30 trainings with start-ups and vulnerable people all over Albania.

We had many things in common. Last but not least, we discovered that we both lived in the same city, namely Korca. Discussing about business development in Korça Region, the challenges that businesses face and the demand on consulting service in different fields such as HR, management skills, financial analyses and investment plan implementation, we decided to start a business as co-partners in order to professionally give consultancy service and training on January 2019. Our company’s name is AR Consulting Ltd, it’s a legal entity, established in Korça Region.

So far, we have developed our services in four main fields. We aim to be unique to our region and to introduce services based on SMEs’ development phases on one hand and to young entrepreneurs on the other. The objective of the company is to bring quality and diverse service to the regional and national market by delivering personalized business profile consulting and training dedicated to new and existing business. To date, we count six SME clients and we have conducted two personalized training courses based on CEFE Methodology on commercial basis.

The company is characterized by high integrity and business ethics providing transparency and quality service. We believe, these values will have an impact on the development of quality of SME business by enhancing business performance, environmental impact and business continuity.

We believe that within five years our company will increase the staff to 5 professionals and generate a turnover of 200,000 Euro, bringing a different approach to consultancy and training services to the Albanian market.

Thanks to IDEA Albania and CEFE community, I was able to find a great partner for my business ideas and to start a prosperous future.



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