CEFE International has just sign ¨Companies together for sustainability¨ initiative, which is a call for entrepreneurs to face corona crisis. Climate protection, solidarity and corona cannot be set off against each other! 

Corona is changing our world. The crisis has a profound impact on society and the economy. The first negative effects were cushioned with the emergency aid. It is now a matter of making the medium and long-term economic stimulus programs so clever that they advance the necessary transformation of the economy. Because climate protection, solidarity and corona cannot be set off against each other!

What we demand?

  1. Climate protection, biodiversity, circular economy, socially just economy and a Europe based on solidarity remain a particular political priority. Therefore, economic stimulus programs must be linked to the 1.5 degree target and the European Green Deal so that there are no bad investments and stranded assets.
  2. Establishment of a transformation fund for investments in climate protection (e.g. building renovation, recycling, organic farming), solidarity and regional economy.
  3. Massive expansion of renewable energies (lifting solar and wind power capping, promotion of storage technologies), flanking the industrial strategy in the green deal.
  4. CO2 pricing: Decide national CO2 price (at least EUR 25 / tonne in a first step) for buildings and traffic from 2021; Set the minimum CO2 price in emissions trading.
  5. Create special depreciation options for companies and individuals in climate protection, energy efficiency and digitization measures.
  6. Investment in infrastructure for public passenger and freight transport, conversion of traffic routes (including strengthening inner-city cycling).
  7. Develop a public and secure data and network infrastructure to promote new working methods and keep the economy competitive.
  8. Economic and medical solidarity with developing and emerging countries.

Corona is changing our world. The crisis shows us how important resilience is and gives us courage that major changes can succeed together in a short time. Self-efficacy, resilience, subsistence and regional value chains become new qualities for our business location.

As entrepreneurs, we want to contribute to safeguarding the general interest of our society and shaping the economy in such a way that it is fit for the future. We therefore place the restart of the economy under the sign of a solidarity and ecological transformation – and demand appropriate measures from the government.

We are glad of being part of 602 companies which have already signed this initiative!


Source: https://nachhaltig-zusammen.de/


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