O­­­­ur leadership journey has been a long time since the year of 2016. After we got license in 2013, we have applied the CEFE knowledge to our organization and other trainings as per CEFE’ method. In this way, Mu introduced about CEFE to University of Medicine and they requested to conduct Leadership workshop. We made TNA and observed that the teaching method practicing in university is exam oriented method, the student are normally learning by heart , Critical thinking, Logical thinking are fading away in their brain, weak in team work and leadership skill as of it. Not only student, even the lecturers are practicing spoon feeding method and it makes the students tired of learning. As CEFE Trainer, We find it hard to teach Medical students on subjects but we grantee that it is possible to teach and share CEFE’ Methodology to lecturers so that they could apply it on their teaching.

Since from then, we introduced CEFE to the professors at our first 3days workshop. We collect Evaluation after completion of workshop, they really fond of Problem Solving Cycle and Action Learning Cycle. We hear that the contents from CEFE Workshop really help them in their working environment. After knowing the benefits of CEFE Training, they wish to let their colleagues know the advantages of CEFE’ Training and requested us to conduct Workshop to lecturers from respective Universities. So, we have conducted leadership workshop to Professors, Assistance Professors from 5 Universities of Medicine from around the country once a year.

As a result of conducting series of workshop since 2016 to 2019, in University of Medicine, the topic of Leadership, Team Building and Communication are putting into their Integrated Curriculum and it became a must to learn start from this year. All of medical students had to learn starting from first year till final year. Before this, we have conducted TOT Workshop to those lecturers who are going to teach medical students. During TOT workshop, we prepared the course by AL Method like round robin, Picture association so on and discussed about the technique how to pass it on to the students. Then they finalized and set up their training Design. After these, they treated to medical students according to this training design more than four times until now. All of the lectures strongly provide feedback that for those who taught by Student Centered technique, they all are good at in thinking than before, more interesting in Learning, more effective in team work and communication, Become habit upon not only themselves but their daily routine jobs. Until now, we have conducted the training to not only Professor, AP but also PG Students, SAS for 9 times in total; 2 times in UM-1, 4 times in UM-2 and 3 times outside Yangon.

The Unforgettable memory of us which is held the workshop (20.7.2019) in Bagan, We run the exercise called “Box Factory” for Management and leadership skills. After the action, we asked them what did it happened? At that time, one of the professor who is in loser group said “I really like these methodology because games are not important win or lose but when the trainers ask us the questions why we win or lose can reflect my mistakes and actions. Another Lecturer said “After attending these trainings, my thinking were changed and also after learning communication skill I have good relation my team and patients. Moreover, in my daily life, before and after doing something I always reflect as Action Learning Cycle.

Each and every professors who are attended our trainings have applied the Action Learning not only in their daily life but also at workplace effectively. Start from January, University of Medicine (Yangon) one of the prominent university of Myanmar apply this training methodology from 1st year student upto in their workplace.



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