Since the introduction of CEFE Training of Trainers (ToT) around the world, an average of 20000 people have been certified as CEFE trainers, and more that 5000 trainers are active members of the CEFE International Network.

The main objective of the network is to offer a space for cooperation among CEFE experts and trainers. CEFE International supports the work of the network and benefits from the vast experience and knowledge of all its members in order to develop existing CEFE tools and to create innovative solutions for current exigencies and challenges.

During the last years we have been holding regional and intercontinental meetings with all CEFE members from 74 countries. The results have been extraordinary since a strong and fruitful cooperation has taken place.

What unites us?

Being a member of CEFE’s international network means to contribute in the develop of exercises based on active and experimental methodologies; socialize the results of these new experiences with other members; to finally, adapt new exercises in different contexts and target groups. Our principles are based on cooperation, learning and sharing.

This cooperative work ensure that the participants of each CEFE training, learn topics related to entrepreneurship in a actively and dynamically way. This is how CEFE International, through its network of trainers, impacts on business performance, employment generation, income and livelihood and, therefore, on sustainable development.

What our CEFE Members say about us?

CEFE International has a strong and cooperative network, with members from 74 countries in four continents. They feel very happy and totally committed with the principles of CEFE Network. Here some on their comments:

The linkage with the CEFE Inter-national Network has allowed me to go beyond my scope and see what is done in all countries where CEFE is present. Further-more, the united certification system gives me support and provides quality assurance to my clients. – Fabio Emilio Buiza, El Salvador

To keep ourselves up to date, we engage in the CEFE network activities which offer exchange among CEFE members all over the world and give us a sense of belonging to a global movement of facilitators. – Jorge Tagle y Paulina Pacheco, Chile

The objectives attributed to CEFE facilitators meetings are to enable an exchange on the different experiences of CEFE in francophone countries and the global arena, to strengthen the network of facilitators, to reflect together on the development of the CEFE approach and on products at local, regional and international level as well as to develop cooperation among members. – REEM Moubadarat, Morocco

CEFE Network and actual challenges:

Due to corona-virus crisis, different actors of CEFE network have started to develop many interesting initiatives and solutions for the big challenges that thousands of entrepreneurs and trainers are facing nowadays. That is why, on May 20, CEFE International held the first International Volunteers Conference. The objective was to connect all CEFE trainers from around the world to unify efforts, make synergies and assume roles to promote, all together, the #CEFEgoesDigital movement.

The environment in this international volunteer conference was totally incredible! Representatives from different countries were sharing and discussing the strategies that CEFE international is going to carry out in the coming months in order to make its digitization a reality and, thus, continue giving the support and solutions that entrepreneurs need.

CEFE International, from the Cologne office, appreciates the effort, enthusiasm and availability of all its volunteers. Together, we have done and will continue doing great things!

Soon we will be sharing more updates of this fascinating teamwork!


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