CEFE is one of the most successful methods to learn business development.

It is a comprehensive set of training instruments using an action-oriented approach and experiential learning methods to develop and enhance the business management and personal competencies of a wide range of target groups.

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Training of Trainers

To become a CEFE trainer, candidates must successfully participate in two activities: A Training of Trainers and Coaching.

A Training of Trainers (ToT) qualifies participants to conduct trainings with the target group using CEFE methods. Coaching sessions subsequent to the ToT are necessary to complete the qualification and to receive the CEFE trainer license. Trainings can be based on CEFE Start-Up Training, but it is also possible to adapt the ToT standard to any other specific module available in our product portfolio

1. Training of Trainers Seminar:

Content: Experiential learning, adult learning, different training methods, the key CEFE exercises. Special learning objectives can be integrated upon request of the client organisation.

Approach: As soon as possible, participants of the ToT act as facilitators, prepare exercises and facilitate them as trainers. Within teams of 2-3 people, each participant will practically apply 2 learning units.

Trainer: The ToT can only be carried out by a Master Trainer, i.e. a very experienced CEFE trainer, if possible with International Certificate or approved by CEFE International as Master Trainer.

Duration: Minimum of 12 days (84 hours), better 3 weeks (105 hours).

Licence: After completion of a ToT the participant can obtain a confirmation of attendance. A CEFE trainer licence will be issued when the participant has successfully completed a coaching in a training seminar of 5 days (35 hours).

2. Coached Training:

Duration: In teams of not more than 3 persons, working together, each candidate runs a CEFE course for at least 5 days.

Pre-condition: Successful participation in a ToT

Content: Application of exercises in a training course for “real” participants, i.e. business people, business starters or other, special target groups.

Approach: Within a team, the candidates prepare a program, exercises and all training materials. They conduct the complete CEFE training. A coach supports them in preparation. The coach carefully observes the performance of the candidates and gives detailed feed-back after the sessions. The coach will finally decide if the trainee gets a CEFE licence, has to undergo another coached training course or will be excluded as CEFE trainer.


*Adapted standards are valid for the regional CEFE network in Latinamerica. Please contact CEFE International for further information.



CEFE International provides a substantial portfolio of training modules.

Together with our partners, we offer tailor made solutions adapted to a project’s context and objectives:

  • Private sector development
  • Enabling economic environment
  • Education, vocational qualification and labour market development
  • Rural development
  • Peace development and conflict transformation
  • Green economy

The CEFE Training on the Job or our Green Business Training are examples of succesfully adapted courses. See here our Portfolio.

For more specific needs, CEFE International is able to elaborate new training concepts. If a specific training module is not available in our portfolio, we develop CEFE-based products based on requested contents.



Certificates of different levels are issued by CEFE International and testify that trainers have gained valuable experience as CEFE trainer. According to their experience, candidates apply for one of the following certificate:

National/International Advisor*
National/International Senior Advisor*
National/International Chief Advisor*
Master Trainer**

*The international status is reserved for candidates with relevant international experience.
**The Master Trainer Certificate refers to the competence of a CEFE trainer to prepare and conduct TOTs and coaching.

The candidates will be examined not only on their trainer skills but also on their performance in areas such as the dissemination of CEFE (e.g. integration of CEFE into projects and programmes), CEFE concept development or active support to the CEFE network.

Costs: Certificates are valid for 3 years and cost 375 Euros (Renewal 275 Euros).
Application: CEFE trainers who want to apply for a certificate must provide an updated CV using the EU format (CV Format) as well as a reference list of CEFE-relevant activities carried out (CEFE Activity Sample). Applications are to be sent electronically to: coordination@cefe.net

Certificate Holders

Write us to coordination@cefe.net and get more Information

National Advisors

  • Rachid Etthairi / Morocco
  • Rhlib Mostafa / Morocca

National Senior Advisors

  • Seinn Witt / Myanmar
  • Thandar Aung / Myanmar

International Advisor

  • Laura Dorn / Germany

International Senior Advisor

  • Ibrahim Aliyu / Nigeria
  • Jorge Tagle Vargas / Chile
  • Paulina Pacheco Maldonado / Chile
  • Alejandro Reyes / Chile
  • Nadia Laraj / Morocco
  • Youssef Arhzaf / Morocco
  • Walid Bouzir / Tunisia
  • Mouna Haouachi / Tunisia
  • Cedy Aronés Ochoa / Peru
  • Marilú Dueñas Corrido / Peru
  • Karim Vargas / Peru
  • Jovan Stalevski / Macedonia
  • Zoran Vitanov / Macedonia
  • Sandra Savanovic / Serbia
  • Nenad Rakocevic / Montenegro

International Chief Advisors

  • Eberhard Peter Baerenz / Germany
  • Badia Refass / Morocco
  • Lothar Willms / Germany
  • Marlinde Elisabeth Baerenz / Germany
  • Ton van der Krabben / Netherlands
  • Claudia Acevedo Karlezi / Chile
  • Omar Cid Maureira / Chile
  • Pablo Reyes / Chile
  • Oscar Lopera Quintero / Colombia
  • Thomas Khatal / Morocco

 Master ToT Trainer

  • Eberhard Peter Baerenz / Germany
  • Ibrahim Aliyu / Nigeria
  • Marlinde Elisabeth Baerenz / Germany
  • Ton van der Krabben / Netherlands
  • Badia Refass / Morocco
  • Walid Bouzir / Tunisia
  • Mouna Haouachi / Tunisia
  • Cedy Aronés Ochoa / Peru
  • Marilú Dueñas Corrido / Peru
  • Jorge Tagle Vargas / Chile
  • Paulina Pacheco Maldonado / Chile
  • Oscar Lopera Quintero / Colombia
  • Thomas Khatal / Morocco