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Trade Promotion

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The pandemic has brought a landmark change in the way we trade and do businesses today. However, there was already an underlying problem with Trade Promotions before the COVID-19 crisis. Recent study in 2020, Deloitte presents an insight to the company average spending of 7-10% of their gross sales in…

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e-Facilitator Roles and Skills

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A facilitator is an experienced person who supports learners during open online courses. A facilitator will encourage conversation, ensuring that all learners are able to contribute and communicate in a positive and collaborative way. Although open online courses can attract a large number of learners, many don’t engage with other…

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CEFE Lean start-up

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CEFE Lean start-up CEFE was initiated by the motivation to support start-ups all over the world through the inspiration that learning makes fun. Since initiation was over 35 years ago. Since then the world has changed dramatically. People are more connected to each other through social media, global travelling, internationalization…

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How CEFE changes businesses performance, employment, income and livelihood

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CEFE training is a broad term, used for different objectives, duration and target groups. The common denominator is the promotion of entrepreneurial competencies by using highly participative methods. CEFE modules are usually developed by actors around the globe. CEFE, since its creation has demonstrated to have an extraordinary impact in…

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